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Product Image Dabu Cushion - Leaf - Brown / Rust

Dabu Cushion - Leaf - Brown / Rust - COVER ONLY

$15.00 $115.00

NB:This is the cover only, no insert is included.

Dabu printing is a very special type of block printing done by hand, using a mud-resist technique. Wood blocks, hand carved with the desired design, are dipped into a runny mud mixture, and the mud is then printed onto the fabric. Sawdust is then scattered over the design to help the mud dry, before the fabric is dipped into the natural vegetable dye. The colour takes on the areas which are not covered by the mud print. To achieve a multi-coloured design, the process is repeated with different blocks and dyes.

All natural dyes are used in this process, meaning this fabric is susceptible to fading if placed in a sunny room. There are plenty of natural variations in the print, due to the intensive hand-printing process used.

Matching chairs and pouffes are also available.

Dimensions (approximate) (approximate)
60 x 60 cm