Bone Inlay 1-Drawer Side Cabinet - Geometric Design - White

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Please note: This piece is left had opening

This white on white bedside is an enduring classic, with good reason. It works effortlessly in beachy, laid back bedrooms, pared-back minimalist bedrooms, or colourful, eclectic rooms. It brings out the best in elaborate textiles or driftwood accessories. This winter, we put ours with a luxurious sheepskin rug and snuggly cashmere blankets to create a cold weather haven.

About Bone Inlay
The art bone inlay is specific to the Udaipur region of India, where this meticulous skill is handed down from generation to generation. Working in the family home, three craftsmen are involved. The first hand-carves pieces of camel bone into delicate shapes; the second affixes those pieces onto a wooden furniture frame in intricate patterns, and; the third fills in around the bone with the coloured resin background. A typical piece of furniture takes about 3 weeks to make.

Care Instructions
Bone Inlay furniture has a porous surface. Pieces in high-use situations - such as coffee tables, or bedside tables which will have drinks placed on them - should be sealed prior to use. Clear grout sealant (available from any hardware store) is suitable for this task.

To clean unsealed bone inlay furniture, wipe with a dry cloth (using a damp cloth may result in temporary softening of an unsealed finish).

Our inlay pieces are made with natural materials, so please keep out of direct sunlight and avoid excessive heat.

Dimensions (approximate)
60 x 40 x 65 cm

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